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What Nuts Can Gerbils Eat?

Gerbils love nuts. In fact, they will eat as many nuts as you give them. They especially enjoy nuts that are still in their shells as they loved to chew through them to get to the main nut. It is great fun for them!

So what nuts can gerbils eat?

Here are 11 good nuts to buy for your gerbil.

  1. Sweet chestnuts
  2. Peanuts
  3. Pecan nuts
  4. Cashew nuts
  5. Pine Nuts
  6. Walnuts
  7. Almonds
  8. Pistachio nuts
  9. Hazelnuts
  10. Chestnuts
  11. Almonds – not strictly nuts, but included in this list all the same

These are very good nuts to feed your gerbil and can be purchased from all good grocery stores.

They can only eat a few a time as nuts are in general very high in fat. They are the equivalent of chocolate for gerbils so are very bad for them.

Fat can build up in a gerbil’s body as it cannot process it like we can.

They can cause them to be sick if they have too many nuts, so this is why they should only be fed on an occasional basis in small amounts of one or two at time at the maximum.

However, only feed plain nuts to them. This means that nuts that are salted, roasted, sweetened, flavored, or have any other additives in them are not good for gerbils.

Also, be wary about feeding them nuts found on the ground outside. This is because there is no knowing what parasites they may be carrying that may make your gerbil sick.

So, it is recommended that only store-purchased nuts are fed to a gerbil. Treat them as a treat for your gerbil and not as a staple food.


Why Gerbils Are Good Pets

The Mongolian Gerbil is one of the most popular types of rodent. They have grown in popularity over the years and have surpassed other small rodents as great favorites. They are friendly, cute, and very easy to care for.

Why Gerbils Are Good Pets

There is not a dull moment when there is a gerbil in the home. They are full of life and vitality and you will spend hour after hour watching them in their cage watching their lively movements. They are great favorites with children, but adults as well are ideal owners of gerbils and indeed many are. Mongolian gerbils look a lot like mice as they have a furred tail and thick coat. This makes them good pets for those who don’t like the thought of having a mouse as a pet or even a rat.

Mongolian gerbils were previously known in the United States as laboratory animals before they were brought over to Europe.

They have been popular as pets since the 1960s and have been kept and bred in captivity ever since. Many other different color varieties have since emerged as their popularity has grown.

Their lively nature makes them greatly attractive as pets, not to mention their many other qualities;

  • agility
  • odorless
  • lithe
  • hand tame
  • child-friendly
  • inquisitive
  • active
  • trusting
  • uncomplicated
  • suitable for adults
  • alert

These are great qualities for a pet and a reason why they are as popular as ever.

A Brief Guide To Gerbil Behavior

Gerbils have many different behaviors that may not be understood that well.

Here is a brief guide to gerbil behavior to gain a better understanding of some of the funny and not so funny things that they do.

A brief guide to gerbil behavior

Gerbils are chasing one another

If your gerbils are chasing one another, they maybe at play or maybe on heat. If however, they are chasing each other and this is followed by biting then this is not a good sign. Its at this stage you may need to separate them from each other.

A Gerbil is standing up on their hind legs sniffing the air

This means that they are testing the air and checking if there is any potential danger around. They will do this as soon as they sense something is not right and has attracted their attention.

A gerbil is lying in an opened nest

When the temperature in the room is comfortable for them, then they will look to open up their nest and not snuggle up in an enclosed space. When they open up their nest like this, this indicates that they are enjoying the environment they are in.

A gerbil is gnawing at a blade of grass

Gerbils love to gnaw on objects and it is one of their favorite things to do. It stops them from becoming bored, and most importantly it helps them grind down their teeth and stop them from growing to the point where they are painful for them.

Gerbils are sniffing each other

If you observe two gerbils sniffing each other, this means they are trying to find out if they are members of the same brood. This is very important to gerbils as they only feel safe with gerbils that are from the same clan. They will look to fight those that are from different clans, but will react very differently to those from the same clan.

One gerbil cleaning another

This is where one gerbil will clean another member of the same clan with its paws and its teeth. It’s a social behavior used to forge bonds between clan members.

One gerbil kicking another

When one gerbil stands on its back legs and kicks another with their front legs. This is a sign of social dominance. If they start to chase one another after this, it may be time to split them.

A gerbil is thumping their hind feet

If you see a gerbil thumping their hind feet, then this means that they are upset, afraid or surprised.

A gerbil has its tail high in the air

If all four legs are on the floor and their eyes are wide open with their tail high in the air, this means that they are alert to danger. The high tail is a sign that they are alert to something.

One gerbil is showing their side to another

This means that they are sparring, trying to establish dominance showing their sides to one another and arching their backs. This activity is known as side showing. It can also be used to impress the other or try and avoid conflict.


can gerbils drink milk

Can Gerbils Drink Milk?

Milk is an opaque white fluid that is rich in protein and fat and is secreted by female mammals so as to nourish their young.

The females of all mammal species can by definition product milk, however cow’s milk is the type that dominates commercial production. It was estimated that in 2011, 85% of all milk worldwide was produced by cows.

Milk can also come from such animals such as yaks, reindeer, horse, donkey, camel, sheep, goat, and buffalo. Indeed buffalo milk makes up 11% of milk consumed, Goat’s milk 2%, Sheep milk 1.4% and Camel’s milk 0.2% as statistics in 2011 told.

source wikipedia

Can gerbils drink milk?

No it’s not a good idea to give them milk at all.

Why cant gerbils drink milk?

Gerbils cannot handle the lactose that milk contains and so it will make them sick if the drink it, as they can’t digest it properly. Lactose is the sugar present in milk and is a disaccharide containing glucose and galactose units.

Some owners say skimmed milk is fine for them, but it is still not the best food for them to drink.

What can gerbils drink?

The best thing that gerbils can drink is water. Give them a constant supply of it from a water bottle that is attached to their cage that they can drink from whenever they want it.

Of course, gerbils do actually have to drink much as they are desert survivors and have evolved to extract water from the foods that they eat and retain it in their bodies. They have even developed a way of urinating sparingly so as to keep water on board for as long as possible.