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my gerbils hate me

When you get a gerbil their behavior can be confusing at times. They can appear quite standoff ish and not want to get closed to you at all. This can give off signals that they may not like u out or may even hate you.

The thing is when they go into any new environment they are extremely wary and can appear that they may detest being in the cage that you have prepared for them. When a gerbil goes into a new environment it can be quite confused and scared.

It can take a lot of time for a gerbil to get used to their new environment. So it requires time and patience for them to settle in and adjust to their new surroundings. All the new sights, smells and sounds and can leave one feeling on edge and so any time you go near it , it runs away. This is quite normal.

However there are some things that you can do to help them adjust to their new environment and make them friendlier to you.

Don’t make loud noises around them. When you are around them, be gentle and calm. Be careful about being loud when you are around them and when you speak to them calm your voice to a soft and gentle tone. Loud noises will make them scared and apprehensive.

Feed them food out of your hand. Instead of putting their food in a bowl and leaving it there for them. Take some in your hand and lower it into their cage. Wait patiently for them to come along and sufficient out your hand.

They will apprehensively approach your hand and if you remain still and don’t move will eventually got rust that it is OK to eat the food. What this achieves is for them to get to know your scent. This is really important in their relationship with you as your scent is something that makes you familiar to them.

The down side to doing this is that they may nibble your hand thinking that it’s food as well. Make sure your hand hasn’t recently handled food that you have eaten as that will make your hand more attractive to nibble.

Spend time at the cage with them. Let them get to know your face, your voice and your smell. The more you spend time with them the more familiar they will get with you and the less scared they will become.

If you feel like your gerbil hates you then give these things a try. Be patient and understanding of them. With time your relationship with them will improve and they will grow to trust you. Of course the less time you spend with them things will just stay the same so it is worth investing time in these activities.

can gerbils and degus live together?

Degus and gerbils share many similarities. They are both social able creatures. They enjoy living with other gerbils and playing with them they don’t like living on their own like hamsters do. When hey love on their own they get depressed.

They are omnivores. They enjoy the same kinds of food sugar as seeds, plants and veggies. They aren’t carnivores who like meat.

They are both rodents. As rodents they both share the need t9 constantly gr8nd their teeth as they are always growing. The more they grow the more they hurt if they are not managed. By chewing all 9f the time their teeth get kept in shape.
However there are differences. Gerbils are nocturnal, degus are diurnal. When and animal is nocutnal it means they sleep during tge day and wake usually around the early evening time and to to sleep at dusk. A diurnal animal is the opposite.

Humans are diurnal creatures. They have different times when they are awake and asleep. Putting the two creatures together in the same place would create a bad mix. They would disrupt each others sleep pattern. Ever had your sleep pattern regularly disrupted? It is not a good thing.

Just because they are bother social creatures doesn’t mean they can live with other animals. Both species are very tribal which means they don’t mix well with other types of animal.

If another animal comes onto their territory th9s can lead to fights due to the animal getting very defensive of any others that come into their territory. Any consideration of putting two species such as a gerbil and degu together needs careful supervision. It needs a watchful eye over them so they don’t break out into fights.

In summary, this means that degus and gerbils can’t live together. This is because;
They have different sleeping patterns

They have different nutritional requirements.

They are very territorial creatures

They only enjoy being social with other creatures of the dame type.

can gerbils and hamsters mate

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Mate?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar animals in many ways. However, they are so very different from each other.

They are both mammals and rodents. They are both popular around the world as pets. They both have a long snout, ears and four legs, plus a tail. Yet they are very different from each other

Even though they are different they can often be mistaken for each other.

So can gerbils and hamsters mate?

No they can’t at all. Gerbils and hamsters are quite different from how they appear and are quite unwilling to interbreed.

They would much rather fight to the death rather then breed together.


Can Gerbils And Hamsters Play Together?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar in shape and size.

They both come from the rodent family.

Other rodents such as gerbils and hamsters are thought to be capatible and interchangeable.

So can gerbils and hamsters play together?

No they can’t unfortunately. This is because they are completely different in their character and nature.

Gerbils are very much social animals and love to live in pairs and large colonies. They enjoy being together and the social stimulation of each other’s company.

When they are housed by themselves they get depressed very easily and become more prone to health issues.

Hamsters on the other hand are very much solitary animals.

They much prefer to live alone.

They need their own territory and don’t like any other animal intruding on their ground.

If they are confronted with another animal they will most likely attack it.

This is because they see it as a threat.

Hamsters and gerbils have very different social needs and so should not be placed together.

If they are put together they will not get on and likely to fight, injure and may be kill one another.


can gerbils and mice breed

Can Gerbils And Mice Breed?

Gerbils and mice are both rodents and look very much like each other.

Their physical appearance can food the untrained eye into thinking one is the other.

So can gerbils and mice breed at all?

It’s very unlikely a gerbil and a mouse could breed and produce a hybrid.

Hybridizing requires two closely related species and just because they happen to be rodents, doesn’t mean that they can breed.

If a gerbil and a mouse were put together, then before they even thought about breeding they would be fighting.

As they are both very territorial animals, it would be a fight to the death unfortunately.

They are best keeping away from each other.

So never put the two species together and all will be well.



can gerbils and hamsters live together

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Live Together?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar creatures. They are quite easy to mistake.

Being similar in shape and size they look very much like each other.

They are both rodents who share the same characteristics.

Both species live for a similar length of time, eat similar foods, always need to chew to keep their teeth ground down.

They are both very inquisitive and love to run around.

So can gerbils and hamsters live together

Because they look like each other and share similar characteristics, it’s easy to think they can live together and are basically the same.

The differences between gerbils and hamsters

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures where as gerbils are diurnal creatures who live during the day and sleep during the night. Hamsters are not tolerant of anything that disturbs their sleep.

Gerbils are social animals, Hamsters are mostly solitary animals. Hamsters will attack those who invade their territory. They are not tolerant at all of any creature coming into their home, even their own kin at times.

Hamsters and gerbils have slightly different dietary requirements and need food that meats their needs. Pet stores will sell separate hamster and gerbil food that will cater for their needs. It’s not to say that one eating the others food is necessarily a bad thing, but they need their own food, not the food of another species.

Gerbils and hamsters should not live with each other

With all this in mind, hamsters and gerbils really shouldn’t live together. Their are too many differences between them and putting them together will lead to trouble and a fight to the death.

They need to be kept in separate cages away from each other’s scent so they can enjoy their own environments.

Gerbils should live with other gerbils and hamsters with their own, or with their own kin if they have been brought up with them.


can gerbils and rats breed

Can Gerbils And Rats Breed?

Gerbils and rats are rodents who share very similar characteristics

So can gerbils and rats breed at all?

Even though they look similar to each other, they are different genetically.

They are different and they know and understand that they are different from each other.

From a genetics point of view, a gerbil and a rat are unable to breed.

It is one of the distinctions that separate them as a species.

Even so, it is not a good idea to put them in the same space. Rats are a very dominant species and will kill a gerbil without a moment’s thought.

They will not share or tolerate the same space with another ‘inferior’ species such as a gerbil

do gerbils bite hard

Do Gerbils Bite Hard?

Gerbils are curious creatures who love to explore and investigate things.

They use their keen sense of smell to sniff things out, their whiskers to feel in front of them and then their mouths to taste and eat things.

Gerbils will try and eat anything once that doesn’t bite back.

They will also try anything twice that tastes good to them.

So this means that in order to check you out, they may attempt to sniff you and may also bite you.

Do gerbils bite hard?

Most of the time they don’t bite hard fortunately. It is more like a nibble most of the time.

The only time when they bite hard is when they are in undue stress and are being hurt.

They may bite to try and get out of a situation such being held too tightly or aggressively by an owner.

Their teeth are relatively sharp and so when they clamp down hard aggressively.

They can cause damage as their teeth are designed to rip through food.

So by treating it well you should be able to overcome a stressed out gerbil.

When you first have a gerbil, if it seems stressed don’t try and hold it right from the start.

Give it time to get to know you and understand who you are.

Talk gently to it a lot and feed it food.

When it comes to receive food from you, it may nibble you finger thinking it is food but nothing more than that.

They great thing about gerbils is that they are easy to tame.

With a lot of love and attention, they are less likely to bite you.


Male gerbils tend to be easier to tame and are more calmer than females as a whole, but you can also get some females who are also quite calm in their nature.

So yes, in summary they can bite hard but if you treat them well you should not experience this.


do gerbils drink a lot of water

Do Gerbils Drink A Lot Of Water?

We know that gerbils need to drink so as to keep themselves hydrated.

Do gerbils drink a lot of water?

Yes they do. They need water to drink and re-hydrate themselves.

They don’t drink any other liquid to do this and can only drink water.

This can be tap water or still spring water which can be purchased from grocery stores and supermarkets.

It can’t be sparking water though as they can’t drink gassy drinks.

They always need to have water available  just like we do.

By having water always available, you can ensure a gerbil will always be able to drink whenever it needs it.

This is why having a water bottle attached to the cage is a good idea to implement.

You can keep water bottle topped up so that they never run dry.