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my male gerbils are fighting

Gerbils are great pets to have as they are extermily active animals who love to run around and keep themselves busy. They are always moving and can’t stay still for a second they always have to be checking something out and enquiring after something.

As social animals they live in groups and can’t be left in their own. Kept on their own and they get depressed easily and become a shadow of themselves. When they are just in their family groups they enjoy life that much more and enjoy soending time together.

When they are kept together they need to be kept in separate gender groups. So males need to be kept with males
Unfortunately though this can lead to the inevitable scuffle between them when their behavior deteriorates from what the normally do.

When they live as pets together they have to come front any tension in a group. Because of their if there is any stress or tension then this can result in aggressive behvaior and then possible fighting breaking out because of this. Fighting often breaks out when a struggle for power develops when one particular gerbil gets weaker due to their age although, however could happen earlier too.

The trouble is that when a gerbil gets aggressive towards another they don’t stop. They can literally fight to the death. So if you have two males this can cause a lot of problems if you have one male who is wanting dominance over another and willl literally fight them for it.

So before you separate them it’s important to find out whether they are just playing or whether they are seriously fighting. The male g2rbils play fight, you will notice that they will be jumping around and willl look like they are boxing each other. It’s a non violent way of male g2rbils trying to establish dominance in a group.

When things get more serious and they fighting to the death, you will note that they will start to bite he other gerbil around their head and tail areas. They will also puff their coats up so as to try and make themselves appear bigger than they actually are. You may also notice they start chattering their teeth as well.

There are some things to watch out for before all this kicks off. You may notice that one of the gerbils starts to go without food and water as the other is depriving it of access. Because of this you may notice a reduction in their weight and size because they are not eating.

You may also notice that one of the gerbils starts to sleep in a different place to the other. This is not normal behavior as they will sleep together if all is well. If this happens do keep a close eye on them and check their behavior towards each other.

It is worth having another cage on hand ready to place a gerbil in. Have it all ready to go in case you need to separate them.
If they do start to fight then be prepared to remove the aggressor and put them in a separate cage. If a gerbil is badly injured then they will need to be taken to a veterinaty surgeon quickly to have their wounds treated.

It’s important to keep a close watch on your male gerbils to.check off all is well with them. Although males are not as likely as females to fight each other, they can occasionally become aggressive towards each other and so.its vital to understand when they are play fighting or fighting for real