can gerbils and rats live together

Can Gerbils And Rats Live Together?

Rats and gerbils share a lot in common.

  • They are both from the rodent family. This means that they have teeth that are constantly growing and so always need to be chewing.
  • They are very similar in shape.
  • Gerbils and rats are both social creatures who enjoy living in groups.
  • They have veracious appetites and will try and eat anything that they can.
  • Gerbils and rats live for around the same time, between 2-3 years.
  • They are both very territorial animals
So can gerbils and rats live together?

Unfortunately they can’t.

As both rats and gerbils are social creatures, you might think that they may have no trouble in living together. However, this is not true.

When they are placed with other small rodent they will look to kill and eat them. If you have a creature like a rat or a gerbil who both happen to be territorial or who is described as a predator, which a rat is, then they should be be put in the same cage as another rodent.

If you put a rodent like a gerbil in the same cage as a rat, they maybe considered as prey rather than a friend. The rat will not look favorably on them.

It is far better if both species were to live independently from each other in separate cages rather than being put in the same cage.

This is because of the risk of potential conflict between the two species.

If they absolutely must be introduced to one another then keeping them away from each other in separate cages is a must. They must not be kept in the same cage.

Instead keep them in separate cages where they can see each other and interact with each other through the bars of the cages.

They shouldn’t be introduced in any other way to each other.

However, this may cause stress to the creatures as they will consider each other a threat. So it is not an advisable thing to do.