can gerbils eat animal crackers

Can Gerbils Eat Animal Crackers?

Animal crackers a light-colored and slightly sweet snack food. They come in a lot of different varieties including darker chocolate-flavored and colorful frosted varieties. Although they are made with a layered dough like crackers are, they have a sweet flavor like cookies do.

Other types of animal-shaped crackers and cookies are very popular such as Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, Hello Panda and Koala’s March, although these differ from traditional types of animal crackers in assortment and flavor.

So can gerbils eat animal crackers?

They do vary in sugar and salt content as well as fat content so do take care if you want to feed them.

They are not the best food for them to eat due to their salt, sugar and fat content, but one or two small pieces on an occasional basis will be fine for them. Avoid flavored animal crackers such as chocolate though.

Image source wikipedia