Can Gerbils Eat Berries?

Berries are small, pulpy and often edible fruit that are usually rounded, juicy, rounded, and brightly colored. They are usually sour or sweet and they dont have a pit or a stone. However they may contain seeds or pips.

Many berries are edible, however some berries are quite poisonous and can cause harm, other types of berry are poisonous when they are unripened but become edible when they have ripened.

They are eaten around the world and often used in pies, cakes, preserves, jams and other such things. The berry industry varies depending on the country  as do types of berry that are cultivated or grow in the wild.

So can gerbils eat berries at all?

Well, it depends on what type of berry it is.

Never feed them wild berries as you just don’t know what they berry may contain or what it might have on it. Many wild berries are poisonous and most probably carry bacteria that may be harmful for gerbils.

So always stay on the side of caution and feed them store purchased berries that you know wont harm them.

Also remember that most berries are high in sugar and so don’t feed them too many. A few at a time will suffice on an occasional basis. Berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are fine for them to eat, but again are quite sweet.