Can Gerbils Eat Meat?


Meat is described as the flesh of an animal, typically a mammal or bird, as food.

There are all kinds of meat that are found all around the world and used in all kinds of culinary situations.

Types of meat include;

  • Bacon; which is meat from a pig  treated with smoke or salt, and is often cooked in thin pieces.
  • Beef; which is from cows
  • Bushmeat; which is  meat of wild animals that have been killed.
  • Chicken; which is meat of a chicken
  • Crab; which is meat from a crab. Also known as crabmeat
  • Dark meat; which is meat from a part of a bird that is a darker color than the rest.
  • Lighter meat; is meat that is called white meat from a part of a bird that is lighter than other parts.
  • Duck; which is meat from a duck
  • Goose; which is meat from a goose
  • Ground beef; which is another name for American mince
  • Horseflesh; which is another name for horse meat
  • Lamb; which is meat from a young lambs.
  • Lean; which is meat which doesn’t have much fat on it
  • Meatball; which is meat cut into small ball shaped pieces 
  • Mince; which is meat from the UK which has been cut into very small pieces. Also called mincemeat.
  • Mutton; which is meat from an adult sheep
  • Partridge; which is meat from a partridge
  • Pheasant; which is meat from a pheasant
  • Pork; which is meat from a pig
  • Poultry; which is meat from birds such as chickens
  • Quail; which is meat from a quail bird
  • Rabbit; which is meat from a rabbit
  • Red meat; which is meat that is red before it is cooked and dark after you have cooked it.
  • White meat; Meat that is pale after you have cooked it
  • Stewing steak; which is beef that is cooked in a stew
  • Streaky bacon; which is bacon which has lines of fat on it
  • Turkey; which is meat of a turkey
  • Veal; which is meat from a young cow
  • Venison; which is meat from a deer
  • Wild boar; which is meat from a wild pig

So can gerbils eat meat?

Unfortunately they can’t at all. It has too much fat in it for them. Although they are omnivores, they much prefer vegetarian food.

If they were to nibble on it they would be fine but meat is not a food that should be purposely given to gerbils.