can gerbils eat orange peels

Can Gerbils Eat Orange Peels?

Orange peel is the fragrant skin of an orange. It serves to protect the flesh from getting damaged.

It is easy to peel off so that one can get to the orange flesh, however some species of orange are easy to peel than others. Some peels are also smoother in their texture where as others are more pebbly. Their color also varies from species to species, with some orange peels red in color, others being a straightforward orange color where as there are also some yellow orange peels.

Because of its fragrance, orange peel is used as flavoring and is often grated to produce orange zest. It is also used in marmalade and also in other uses such as by gardeners as slug repellent.

So can gerbils eat orange peels?

Unfortunately they are not good for gerbils to eat due to the acidic nature of the orange. Gerbils do not cope well with acidic foods as their bodies do not deal with acids like ours do and will make them sick.

They are a food to avoid as far as gerbils are concerned.

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