can gerbils eat yogurt drops

Can Gerbils Eat Yogurt Drops?

Yogurt drops a dessert sweet that is eat as a snack food.

Yogurt drops are a snack food that are made from yogurt.

They are loved because they melt quickly in the mouth and have a crunchy, creamy taste and texture.

Yogurt drops are also very easy to make and can be freeze dried.

They can also be purchased from grocery stores or supermarkets in many countries around the world.

So can gerbils eat yogurt drops at all?

They can’t unfortunately.

Yogurt drops are far too sweet for them to eat and will hurt them if they eat too many of them.

If they nibble one, they should be fine but they aren’t a food that should be purposely be fed to them.

A food to avoid as far as gerbils are concerned.