can gerbils and hamsters live together

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Live Together?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar creatures. They are quite easy to mistake.

Being similar in shape and size they look very much like each other.

They are both rodents who share the same characteristics.

Both species live for a similar length of time, eat similar foods, always need to chew to keep their teeth ground down.

They are both very inquisitive and love to run around.

So can gerbils and hamsters live together

Because they look like each other and share similar characteristics, it’s easy to think they can live together and are basically the same.

The differences between gerbils and hamsters

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures where as gerbils are diurnal creatures who live during the day and sleep during the night. Hamsters are not tolerant of anything that disturbs their sleep.

Gerbils are social animals, Hamsters are mostly solitary animals. Hamsters will attack those who invade their territory. They are not tolerant at all of any creature coming into their home, even their own kin at times.

Hamsters and gerbils have slightly different dietary requirements and need food that meats their needs. Pet stores will sell separate hamster and gerbil food that will cater for their needs. It’s not to say that one eating the others food is necessarily a bad thing, but they need their own food, not the food of another species.

Gerbils and hamsters should not live with each other

With all this in mind, hamsters and gerbils really shouldn’t live together. Their are too many differences between them and putting them together will lead to trouble and a fight to the death.

They need to be kept in separate cages away from each other’s scent so they can enjoy their own environments.

Gerbils should live with other gerbils and hamsters with their own, or with their own kin if they have been brought up with them.