Can Gerbils And Hamsters Play Together?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar in shape and size.

They both come from the rodent family.

Other rodents such as gerbils and hamsters are thought to be capatible and interchangeable.

So can gerbils and hamsters play together?

No they can’t unfortunately. This is because they are completely different in their character and nature.

Gerbils are very much social animals and love to live in pairs and large colonies. They enjoy being together and the social stimulation of each other’s company.

When they are housed by themselves they get depressed very easily and become more prone to health issues.

Hamsters on the other hand are very much solitary animals.

They much prefer to live alone.

They need their own territory and don’t like any other animal intruding on their ground.

If they are confronted with another animal they will most likely attack it.

This is because they see it as a threat.

Hamsters and gerbils have very different social needs and so should not be placed together.

If they are put together they will not get on and likely to fight, injure and may be kill one another.