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can gerbils and hamsters mate

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Mate?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar animals in many ways. However, they are so very different from each other.

They are both mammals and rodents. They are both popular around the world as pets. They both have a long snout, ears and four legs, plus a tail. Yet they are very different from each other

Even though they are different they can often be mistaken for each other.

So can gerbils and hamsters mate?

No they can’t at all. Gerbils and hamsters are quite different from how they appear and are quite unwilling to interbreed.

They would much rather fight to the death rather then breed together.


can gerbils and mice breed

Can Gerbils And Mice Breed?

Gerbils and mice are both rodents and look very much like each other.

Their physical appearance can food the untrained eye into thinking one is the other.

So can gerbils and mice breed at all?

It’s very unlikely a gerbil and a mouse could breed and produce a hybrid.

Hybridizing requires two closely related species and just because they happen to be rodents, doesn’t mean that they can breed.

If a gerbil and a mouse were put together, then before they even thought about breeding they would be fighting.

As they are both very territorial animals, it would be a fight to the death unfortunately.

They are best keeping away from each other.

So never put the two species together and all will be well.



can gerbils and hamsters live together

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Live Together?

Gerbils and hamsters are very similar creatures. They are quite easy to mistake.

Being similar in shape and size they look very much like each other.

They are both rodents who share the same characteristics.

Both species live for a similar length of time, eat similar foods, always need to chew to keep their teeth ground down.

They are both very inquisitive and love to run around.

So can gerbils and hamsters live together

Because they look like each other and share similar characteristics, it’s easy to think they can live together and are basically the same.

The differences between gerbils and hamsters

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures where as gerbils are diurnal creatures who live during the day and sleep during the night. Hamsters are not tolerant of anything that disturbs their sleep.

Gerbils are social animals, Hamsters are mostly solitary animals. Hamsters will attack those who invade their territory. They are not tolerant at all of any creature coming into their home, even their own kin at times.

Hamsters and gerbils have slightly different dietary requirements and need food that meats their needs. Pet stores will sell separate hamster and gerbil food that will cater for their needs. It’s not to say that one eating the others food is necessarily a bad thing, but they need their own food, not the food of another species.

Gerbils and hamsters should not live with each other

With all this in mind, hamsters and gerbils really shouldn’t live together. Their are too many differences between them and putting them together will lead to trouble and a fight to the death.

They need to be kept in separate cages away from each other’s scent so they can enjoy their own environments.

Gerbils should live with other gerbils and hamsters with their own, or with their own kin if they have been brought up with them.


can gerbils and rats breed

Can Gerbils And Rats Breed?

Gerbils and rats are rodents who share very similar characteristics

So can gerbils and rats breed at all?

Even though they look similar to each other, they are different genetically.

They are different and they know and understand that they are different from each other.

From a genetics point of view, a gerbil and a rat are unable to breed.

It is one of the distinctions that separate them as a species.

Even so, it is not a good idea to put them in the same space. Rats are a very dominant species and will kill a gerbil without a moment’s thought.

They will not share or tolerate the same space with another ‘inferior’ species such as a gerbil

can gerbils and rats live together

Can Gerbils And Rats Live Together?

Rats and gerbils share a lot in common.

  • They are both from the rodent family. This means that they have teeth that are constantly growing and so always need to be chewing.
  • They are very similar in shape.
  • Gerbils and rats are both social creatures who enjoy living in groups.
  • They have veracious appetites and will try and eat anything that they can.
  • Gerbils and rats live for around the same time, between 2-3 years.
  • They are both very territorial animals
So can gerbils and rats live together?

Unfortunately they can’t.

As both rats and gerbils are social creatures, you might think that they may have no trouble in living together. However, this is not true.

When they are placed with other small rodent they will look to kill and eat them.  If you have a creature like a rat or a gerbil who both happen to be territorial or who is described as a predator, which a rat is, then they should be be put in the same cage as another rodent.

If you put a rodent like a gerbil in the same cage as a rat, they maybe considered as prey rather than a friend. The rat will not look favorably on them.

It is far better if both species were to live independently from each other in separate cages rather than being put in the same cage.

This is because of the risk of potential conflict between the two species.

If they absolutely must be introduced to one another then keeping them away from each other in separate cages is a must. They must not be kept in the same cage.

Instead keep them in separate cages where they can see each other and interact with each other through the bars of the cages.

They shouldn’t be introduced in any other way to each other.

However, this may cause stress to the creatures as they will consider each other a threat. So it is not an advisable thing to do.


can gerbils and mice interbreed

Can Gerbils and Mice Interbreed?

Gerbils are mice are similar creatures.

They both come from the rodent family, both species have a similar size and stature.

Both gerbils and mice have a pointed snout, small ears and 4 limbs.

They both have ravenous appetites and have a constant need to chew due to their teeth that are constantly growing.

In fact, if you weren’t familiar with the two species, you might say that they were almost identical in appearance.

So how do you tell the difference between a gerbil and a mouse?

Gerbils are larger creatures and have furred tails. They come from the desert.

Whereas, mice are more commonly found pretty much everywhere where there is food.

Both species are found in a variety of colors.

However, gerbils do not smell nearly as bad as mice do.

Gerbils also do not drink as much as mice and so do not urinate as often as mice do.

Male gerbils are much more inclined to get along with their own kin whereas male mice do not tend to get along.

So what would happen if gerbils and mice were put in the same place?

They are both very social creatures who enjoy living with other members of their own species.

If you have both species of rodent in your home then their cages can take up quite an amount of room in your home especially if you have more pets as well.

It can seem a tempting idea to put both types of rodents in the same cage so as to save space and time in cleaning their cages.

However, if both gerbils and mice were put in the same place, this would cause problems.

Its important to remember that even individual animals may be territorial or aggressive, when put with another species even if they are members of a species that is supposed to be social.

In this case, it is feasible to expect mice to be the more aggressive of the species rather than gerbils.

Another question that might arise if this situation were to occur is ‘can gerbils and mice interbreed?’

They maybe able to, however this would not be their first instinct. Their first instinct would be to fight each other and they would rather kill each other before any thought of breeding taking place.

So if you have any thoughts about seeing if this maybe possible, then for the sake of both species keep them apart as they will literally kill each other first.

Will a dog kill a gerbil?

So will a dog kill a Gerbil?

Certainly dogs are well capable of killing a Gerbil. It is never a good idea to leave a dog unsupervised with an animal like a Gerbil even if you know and trust your dog.

If you know your dog has killed a small animal in the past them they are most likely to do so again.

Do also be careful if the dog chases after rabbits or squirrels on walks or if they are aggressive over toys or food.