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A Brief Introduction to Wagner’s Gerbil

1. The scientific name for Wagner’s gerbil is Dipodillus dasyurus.
2. It is found mainly in the Nile Delta, the Sinai, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula is also called the rough-tailed dipodil or Wadi Hof gerbil
4. They are medium-sized and slender rodent with a silky coat
5. They are coloured sandy-brown in colour on their upper parts and grey at the base, and the underside is white
6. Their Head-body length measures between7 – 11 cm and their length: 8.4 – 14.5 cm
7. They weigh 27grams
8. They inhabit a diverse range of habitats including mountainous areas (up to 2,000 metres), rocky hills, semi-desert and desert
9. They are classed as a species if least concern
10. Male Wagner’s gerbils are generally larger and heavier than females

A Brief Introduction to the Fat-Tailed Gerbil

  1. The fat-tailed gerbil has the scientific name pachyuromys duprasi
    2. It is a rodent found in the subfamily gerbillinae
    3. It is the only member of the genus pachyuromys.
    4. They are also called the duprasi gerbil, fat-tailed jird, fat-tailed rat, and beer mat gerbil,
    5. They a new pet type of gerbil on the pet market.
    6. Fat-tailed gerbils have fluffy short fur.
    7. They were discovered by the zoologist Fernand Lataste in 1880.
    8. They have a body length that measures about 10cm with a tail of 5cm
    9. They weigh about 40 grams
    10. They have a thick soft and fluffy coat