A Brief Introduction to the Fat-Tailed Gerbil

  1. The fat-tailed gerbil has the scientific name pachyuromys duprasi
    2. It is a rodent found in the subfamily gerbillinae
    3. It is the only member of the genus pachyuromys.
    4. They are also called the duprasi gerbil, fat-tailed jird, fat-tailed rat, and beer mat gerbil,
    5. They a new pet type of gerbil on the pet market.
    6. Fat-tailed gerbils have fluffy short fur.
    7. They were discovered by the zoologist Fernand Lataste in 1880.
    8. They have a body length that measures about 10cm with a tail of 5cm
    9. They weigh about 40 grams
    10. They have a thick soft and fluffy coat

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