do gerbils bite hard

Do Gerbils Bite Hard?

Gerbils are curious creatures who love to explore and investigate things.

They use their keen sense of smell to sniff things out, their whiskers to feel in front of them and then their mouths to taste and eat things.

Gerbils will try and eat anything once that doesn’t bite back.

They will also try anything twice that tastes good to them.

So this means that in order to check you out, they may attempt to sniff you and may also bite you.

Do gerbils bite hard?

Most of the time they don’t bite hard fortunately. It is more like a nibble most of the time.

The only time when they bite hard is when they are in undue stress and are being hurt.

They may bite to try and get out of a situation such being held too tightly or aggressively by an owner.

Their teeth are relatively sharp and so when they clamp down hard aggressively.

They can cause damage as their teeth are designed to rip through food.

So by treating it well you should be able to overcome a stressed out gerbil.

When you first have a gerbil, if it seems stressed don’t try and hold it right from the start.

Give it time to get to know you and understand who you are.

Talk gently to it a lot and feed it food.

When it comes to receive food from you, it may nibble you finger thinking it is food but nothing more than that.

They great thing about gerbils is that they are easy to tame.

With a lot of love and attention, they are less likely to bite you.


Male gerbils tend to be easier to tame and are more calmer than females as a whole, but you can also get some females who are also quite calm in their nature.

So yes, in summary they can bite hard but if you treat them well you should not experience this.