do gerbils bury their food

Do Gerbils Bury Their Food?

Gerbils love food.

As prey creatures they will look to forage for food as much as they can.

They don’t tend to discriminate what food they look for but will look to keep it safe once they find it.

So do gerbils bury their food when they find it?

Yes they do bury their food.

They do this because they want to prevent other creatures from getting to it.

They are very protective of their food, it is an instinct to do so for them.

Even if you use a food dish to put their food in, they will bury the food in the tank or cage.

Once they bury their food, there is a danger that they wont find it once it has hidden.

However, they have a keen sense of smell and very good foraging instincts which means that they will find it.

Even if their food is hidden under six inches of bedding, a gerbil will be able to find it.

So how do you try and stop gerbils from burying their food?

Keeping track of their food can be tricky.

If you want to keep track on their food, start by measuring what they consume and make sure its in small and regular amounts.

You can keep track of it more easily if you so wish and you can even count out and count in the gerbil muesli/pellets if you so wish.

It may get tiresome to do so, bury if you want to keep track of their food, this is the best way.


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