do gerbils eat the things they chew

Do Gerbils Eat The Things They Chew?

Gerbils have the ability to chew and chomp on anything they see. It doesn’t matter what material it is whether cardboard, wood, plastic, cloth, even metals, they will have a go at chewing anything.

This is largely because as rodents, their teeth are constantly growing and so they need to chew stuff in order to grind them down. It means their teeth are kept at their proper length and they don’t start to hurt them at all.

Another by product of chew is that they can produceĀ a fine and soft substance whenever they chew on stuff, which they then use for bedding. However, this is secondary to wearing down their teeth

So do gerbils eat the things that they chew?

This is quite an important question to ask, as they can chew some pretty indigestible objects.

However, the answer is that they don’t eat a lot of the things that they chew.

Gerbils are very good at self regulating themselves and they will not just eat objects without thinking about it.

They do have the ability to regurgitate or spit out what they are chewing.

However, it does them good to have objects such as paper towels, toilet paper, cardboard or toilet roll tubes in their cage which will help them chew things a lot easier.

It certainly is a lot easier for them to chew materials that are softer and more flexible than those that are hard and brittle such as plastic objects.