How do you wash gerbils?

It may be confusing as to whether you need to help wash a gerbil.

They are animals and so need to keep themselves clean and free of dirt and grime.

Some animals wash in water, some clean themselves in the sand and others clean themselves with their tongues.

It really depends on what kind of skin and fur that they have and whether they can properly deal with drying themselves having been in the water.

Some animals cannot cope with having their fur wet and it will cause them problems.

Whereas animals such as dogs have no problem going into the water as they can self-dry themselves and it won’t cause them to get cold.

How do you wash gerbils?

Gerbils fall into the category of being water averse.

They do not like being washed in water at all.

However, the good thing about gerbils is that they do not need help in washing themselves.

They are extremely good at doing it themselves.

They wash themselves using their tongue and their paws.