how to catch a gerbl

How to catch a gerbil

When it comes to letting a gerbil run in your house, it is up to you how long that they have to run each day.

A gerbil will need at least half an hour each time that they go for a run and will need to do this at least three times a week.

However, once they have had a good run out, they will have to return to their cage.

Getting them back to their cage is no easy thing!

This is especially the case if they have escaped from you and don’t have any familiarity with the surroundings they have escaped into.

So if they have done, this how do you catch the gerbil and return them to the cage?

How to catch a gerbil

Here is one way to catch a gerbil and get it back to its cage.

Put the cage were the gerbil will easily return to it on their own and without your assistance.

Then gently nudge them toward the cage.

However, if they are not moving and inspired by your prompting, get their attention by thumping or scratching the floor.

This will usually do the trick of getting their attention.

Then take a cardboard tube, such as a kitchen tissue roll holder and then let them climb into the cardboard tube which you are holding.

Then when they are within the tube, seal both ends up with your hands and take it to the cage and then release the gerbil back into the cage.

Do not try and chase a gerbil or suddenly grab an animal from above.

If you swoop down with your hands from above, it may frighten them.

As a result, you lose any trust that you have established with you gerbil immediately and from now on your hands will frighten them.

Never try and grab, pull or lift them by the tip of their tail.

If they are hiding under furniture, be patient and wait until they come out on their own and be ready with the cardboard tube.

Don’t try and venture underneath the furniture or they will be intimidated and make a run for it.

If you really need to as nothing else has worked, try and nudge them out with a broomstick and then block their escape.

If they disappear over and over then remember to block places before you give them opportunities to run.

By doing this, you improve the prospects of catching them.