A Brief Guide to Lowe’s Gerbil

1. The scientific name for Lowe’s gerbil is Dipodillus lowei
2. It is found mainly in Sudan.
3. There are said to be less than 280 individuals of this species existing in the wild today.
4. This species is listed a data deficient. In 1996 however it was listed as critically endangered
5. It locality is in the Jebel Marra in the dharfur region of Sudan.
6. It lives at elevations between 2300 and 3000 metres
7. It resides under pumice rocks where there are dense grasses and herbs
8.it is a nocturnal and terrestrial creature
9. Threats to its existence generally come from vegetation degradation and sand encroachment
10. It was first found and listed by the zoologists oldfield thomas and Martin Hinton in 1923