my gerbils hate me

When you get a gerbil their behavior can be confusing at times. They can appear quite standoff ish and not want to get closed to you at all. This can give off signals that they may not like u out or may even hate you.

The thing is when they go into any new environment they are extremely wary and can appear that they may detest being in the cage that you have prepared for them. When a gerbil goes into a new environment it can be quite confused and scared.

It can take a lot of time for a gerbil to get used to their new environment. So it requires time and patience for them to settle in and adjust to their new surroundings. All the new sights, smells and sounds and can leave one feeling on edge and so any time you go near it , it runs away. This is quite normal.

However there are some things that you can do to help them adjust to their new environment and make them friendlier to you.

Don’t make loud noises around them. When you are around them, be gentle and calm. Be careful about being loud when you are around them and when you speak to them calm your voice to a soft and gentle tone. Loud noises will make them scared and apprehensive.

Feed them food out of your hand. Instead of putting their food in a bowl and leaving it there for them. Take some in your hand and lower it into their cage. Wait patiently for them to come along and sufficient out your hand.

They will apprehensively approach your hand and if you remain still and don’t move will eventually got rust that it is OK to eat the food. What this achieves is for them to get to know your scent. This is really important in their relationship with you as your scent is something that makes you familiar to them.

The down side to doing this is that they may nibble your hand thinking that it’s food as well. Make sure your hand hasn’t recently handled food that you have eaten as that will make your hand more attractive to nibble.

Spend time at the cage with them. Let them get to know your face, your voice and your smell. The more you spend time with them the more familiar they will get with you and the less scared they will become.

If you feel like your gerbil hates you then give these things a try. Be patient and understanding of them. With time your relationship with them will improve and they will grow to trust you. Of course the less time you spend with them things will just stay the same so it is worth investing time in these activities.