A Brief Introduction to the North-African Gerbil

1.,The North African gerbil is also known as Dipodillus campestris which is its scientific name.
2. It is a species of rodent in the family Muridae.
3.It is found in North Africa where its natural habitats are arable land and rocky areas of the Maghreb, and hot Saharandeserts.
4.has long soft fur and a relatively long tail. The dorsal fur is cinnamon to orange-brown.
5. Each hair has a grey base, a sandy or golden-brown terminal section and often a black tip.
6.The cheeks and throat are white and there is sometimes a dark stripe on the nose.
7. The underparts are white, with a clear division between the dorsal and ventral colours.
8.The legs and feet are white and the soles of the feet are bare.
9.The tail is about 40% of the length of the head-and-body, and is bicoloured, golden-brown above and white below.
10.The tip of the tail forms a pencil, a tuft of longer hair.