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How do you pick up gerbils

How do you pick up gerbils?

Picking up a gerbil can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you have never done it before.

They are nervous creatures and so are easily intimidated.

One hesitation and they can be scared off and won’t go near you.

But by following a few directions, it can be mastered easily.

How do you pick up gerbils?

Here is a good way of picking up a gerbil.

This trick takes patience and understanding.

You may have to persevere especially if the gerbil is new to you and does not know your scent or is familiar with your voice.

It may even take several attempts to master it before you gain their trust.

Get some treats before you begin

Firstly, get a treat that you know that the will like and enjoy.

Something sweet usually does the trick or some nuts and raisins.

Hold the treat in your hand, and be patient.

Be careful not to make any loud noises.

Make sure there aren’t any loud noise coming from the surrounding environment that might scare them.

Eventually, the gerbil will walk right onto the palm of your hand.

When it has walked onto the palm of your hand, just hold it here by holding it at the back of its neck

The gerbil will soon let you know when you are not holding it correctly by putting up a fight and trying to wriggle out of your hand.

Don’t hold or lift a gerbil by the tip of its tail or try and pull at it.

Try to lift the gerbil only at the bast of the tail where the back ends and not anywhere else on the tail.

Why you should never hold a gerbil by its tail

Their tail’s are not strong and the skin of the tail easily tears off.

It is quite possible that you could end up holding just the skin of the tail and nothing else if you are not careful.

Thus leaving the gerbil with a naked tail.

Because the skin of a tail does not grow back if it is torn off, the gerbil will merely end up ripping off its tail because it cannot bear having a naked tail.

A gerbil without a tail will cause it balance problems and much pain. Their ability to climb will also be affected.

Once it is in your hand

Be gentle with it, and don’t speak loudly to it. Whisper to your gerbil and help it to understand your voice better.

Again, make sure that any noise is kept to a minimum and don’t startle them with sudden movements.

Pick them up regularly

Picking them up regularly is an important part of building a good relationship with them.

Make sure you continue to do this on a daily basis so that they start to enjoy spending time with you.

The more you do it, the better they will get to know you.

The trust will continue to build until they don’t have a problem coming to you and will even voluntarily climb on you.