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How do gerbils see?

One thing you will immediately notice about gerbils is that their eyes are placed differently on their heads, compared with humans.

Gerbils see out of the eyes which are placed on the sides of their head. It means they can see at different angles to what we can and often behind them just about.

Their eyes are large and protruding and allow them to view a lot more of their surroundings.

This also means that they cannot see directly in front of them so well and so may often miss things which are directly ahead and will have to rely on their nose to help them out

How do gerbils understand the space around them?

Thier spatial sense is not so well developed because they eyes field of vision barely overlaps.

They then compensate by continuously moving the head up and down which allows them to differentiate a more frequently changing foreground from the more stable background image.

Gerbils are very sensitive to any kind of movement

They are especially sensitive to movement and can perceive the movement of objects around them.

Even a faint shadow immediately causes gerbils to run for cover because they fear predators such as birds.

How do gerbils perceive color with their eyes?

Even though it was once assumed that gerbils can see only black and white, it is understood that they can actually see colors more vividly than what was once thought.

Gerbils can also perceive partial ultraviolet light, which is invisible to humans.

They can also make out patterns as well which helps them to understand shape and texture.

The pupil of a gerbil’s eye

The pupil in a gerbil’s eye is vertically positioned which is much the same as other desert animals.

Because their pupils are this way it means that a gerbil has good depth perception in their horizontal plain.

This means that they can see predators approaching from the ground and their air which is extremely beneficial for a prey animal like a gerbil who rely on their eyesight to help with their general survival.

How do gerbils see in the dark?

Gerbils rely on their eyesight and other senses to guide them at night when there is total darkness. They are nocturnal creatures and rely on the darkness to give them cover from encroaching predators who seek to attack them.