What Nuts Can Gerbils Eat?

Gerbils love nuts. In fact, they will eat as many nuts as you give them. They especially enjoy nuts that are still in their shells as they loved to chew through them to get to the main nut. It is great fun for them!

So what nuts can gerbils eat?

Here are 11 good nuts to buy for your gerbil.

  1. Sweet chestnuts
  2. Peanuts
  3. Pecan nuts
  4. Cashew nuts
  5. Pine Nuts
  6. Walnuts
  7. Almonds
  8. Pistachio nuts
  9. Hazelnuts
  10. Chestnuts
  11. Almonds – not strictly nuts, but included in this list all the same

These are very good nuts to feed your gerbil and can be purchased from all good grocery stores.

They can only eat a few a time as nuts are in general very high in fat. They are the equivalent of chocolate for gerbils so are very bad for them.

Fat can build up in a gerbil’s body as it cannot process it like we can.

They can cause them to be sick if they have too many nuts, so this is why they should only be fed on an occasional basis in small amounts of one or two at time at the maximum.

However, only feed plain nuts to them. This means that nuts that are salted, roasted, sweetened, flavored, or have any other additives in them are not good for gerbils.

Also, be wary about feeding them nuts found on the ground outside. This is because there is no knowing what parasites they may be carrying that may make your gerbil sick.

So, it is recommended that only store-purchased nuts are fed to a gerbil. Treat them as a treat for your gerbil and not as a staple food.