Why Gerbils Are Good Pets

The Mongolian Gerbil is one of the most popular types of rodent. They have grown in popularity over the years and have surpassed other small rodents as great favorites. They are friendly, cute, and very easy to care for.

Why Gerbils Are Good Pets

There is not a dull moment when there is a gerbil in the home. They are full of life and vitality and you will spend hour after hour watching them in their cage watching their lively movements. They are great favorites with children, but adults as well are ideal owners of gerbils and indeed many are. Mongolian gerbils look a lot like mice as they have a furred tail and thick coat. This makes them good pets for those who don’t like the thought of having a mouse as a pet or even a rat.

Mongolian gerbils were previously known in the United States as laboratory animals before they were brought over to Europe.

They have been popular as pets since the 1960s and have been kept and bred in captivity ever since. Many other different color varieties have since emerged as their popularity has grown.

Their lively nature makes them greatly attractive as pets, not to mention their many other qualities;

  • agility
  • odorless
  • lithe
  • hand tame
  • child-friendly
  • inquisitive
  • active
  • trusting
  • uncomplicated
  • suitable for adults
  • alert

These are great qualities for a pet and a reason why they are as popular as ever.